Welcome to the GriffCon Sponsorship Page!

Welcome to GriffCon, the premier Painting and Gaming Convention in the UK, where art and gaming collide in an immersive, vibrant celebration! 

Now in its third year, GriffCon brings together enthusiasts from two dynamic worlds, offering a platform where creativity meets strategy. Whether you're an artist, a gamer, or a passionate fan of both, this convention promises an unforgettable experience filled with inspiration, innovation, and community.

Why Sponsor GriffCon? Your sponsorship will play a crucial role in helping GriffCon grow and thrive. By partnering with us, you will:

Help GriffCon grow and thrive with the bonus you will get to Engage with a Targeted Audience: Gain direct access to a dedicated and engaged audience of artists, gamers, and enthusiasts who are passionate about their crafts. Boost Brand Visibility: Increase your brand's presence through event marketing, promotional materials, and onsite activations, ensuring your name is seen by many eyes. Foster Community and Connection: Help us create a welcoming space where artists and gamers can connect, collaborate, and share their passions. Support Local Creativity and Innovation: Your support will empower local artists and gamers, driving the growth of these vibrant communities within the UK. By sponsoring GriffCon, you will not only elevate your brand but also contribute to the success and expansion of a one-of-a-kind convention. Together, we can make this event a cornerstone of the UK's creative and gaming scenes. Explore our sponsorship packages and discover how you can be a part of this exciting journey. Let's create something amazing together!

Everything that GriffCon makes goes back into GriffCon to create a vibrant and inclusive event where hobbiests and gamers from across the UK can come together.
MajorAll public facing meidaT-ShirtsLanyardsWebsite (Prime Logo & Blog)Full page (Inside front or rear)Sponsor list in programme£500
MinorxxxWebsite (Logo & Blog)Half page advertSponsor list in programme£300
SmallxxxWebsite (Logo)xSponsor list in programme£100
We are offering three sponsorship opportunities this year, which are listed above.
Let's break down what each section means in full.

Level - We have 2 slots for our major sponsors, 4 slots for our Minor Sponsors and unlimited Small Sponsors slots.

Media - Reserved for our two major sponsors, any and all public media that GriffCon creates will have your business name on it, a social post will have the GriffCon24 Sponsored by "Your Business" & "Other Major Sponsor" on the post image and within the text. What list of media will we do; posters, banners, social posts, website blog posts, twitch streaming videos & more.

T-Shirts - Every year we produce a T-Shirt for GriffCon, you get one of the sleeves to display your logo, also you will recieve a T-Shirt for free and any additional at cost for your staff.

Lanyards - Everyone loves lanyards and you will have your logo or text on our yearly exclusive lanyard, these will be given to any ticket holders for free on the day.

Website - Prime logo location (Major), you logo will be seen on all pages of our site. Normal logo location (Minor & Small), Logo will be displayed in the footer of the website. Blog, we will write with your input a blog about your company, it's offering and anything else you would like to add.

Advert - We have a programme we produce every year, the A6 programme makes it the prefect size for people to keep in their pocket and we noticed that almost no one got rid of them and actually keeping them as collectors pieces. Depending on your level you will either get the full page or half page advert for you to use. Full page is either inside front or rear cover, half page will be positional anywhere within the programme.

All Sponsors will be listed on the sponsors page of the programme with your web address and name, along with a link tree QR code.


LargeSocial PostLogoList of ContributorsDetailed post of contributionAn item for every loot bag (75) Also Large items for the Platinum Loot Bags (5)
SmallSocial PostxList of ContributorsxEither 1. Raffle prize donation 2. Donation to the Hobby Lounge (Sprues, Activites, Paints, Models)
Contributors are a way of supporting GriffCon without the direct financial cost of a sponsor, so what do you get for helping us out.

Level - We are not limiting our amount of contributors, the more we get the better it will be for our attendees and the traders as it will provide even more of a buzz for your business.

Media - We will create a social post of thanks for the contribution you have provided.

Website - Your logo will be listed in the contributors page on the site.

Programme - We will have an area within the programme to list all the contributors and what they have provided.

Blog - We will create a detailed blog post about your company and the contribution you have provided.

Cost - We are producing loot bags for our VIP ticket holders and Talent to take home with them, in the past we have had the following such items in the loot bag; dice, models, sprues, paint, painting handle, pin badges, stickers, lanyards and more. Donations towards GriffCon activities, such as supplies of paints & brushes for the speed painting, sprues and glue for the kitbashing in the hobby lounge and more.
The Talent, as we call them, are our invited guests, normally high end influencers within Instagram, Twitch or YouTube, having your contribution within their hands will get you noticed by some of the most influential people within the hobby. Our talent confirmed so far this year are Lousie Sugden from Rogue Hobbies, Peachy, Arbiter Ian, Studio J7, Midwinter Minis, MikeMoans, CrystalMcDoll, MSPaint and more.

Advert Only

Our programme will be handed out to everyone at GriffCon even if they are just enjoying the Free activities such as the trader hall, hobby lounge and Art in Miniature Screening.
It is produced in A6 as this is a prefect size to keep in your pocket for the event and is easy to refer to when needed to find that trader or room your next activity is taking place in. We even found out that a lot of people have kept these programmes as collectors pieces.