Creating a Safe and Inclusive GriffCon

Welcome to GriffCon! We are dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all attendees. Your enjoyment and safety are our top priorities, and we ask that everyone adhere to the following guidelines to ensure a positive experience for all.

Inclusion Policy

At GriffCon, we embrace diversity and inclusivity. We welcome participants of all backgrounds, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or any other characteristic. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Acceptable Behavior

To maintain a positive and safe environment, we expect all attendees to:
  • Treat others with respect and courtesy.
  • Be mindful of your words and actions, avoiding any behavior that could be considered harassment or discrimination.
  • Follow the rules and guidelines set by GriffCon and the venue.
  • Report any inappropriate behavior or concerns to a GriffCon volunteer or staff member immediately.

Two-Strike Policy

GriffCon enforces a strict two-strike policy to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. Any situation that is brought to our attention will be looked into and if there is found to be a violation of our acceptable behavior guidelines:
  1. First Strike: You will receive a warning and be reminded of our policies.
  2. Second Strike: If the behavior occurs again, you will be asked to leave the convention and will not be welcomed back to future GriffCon events.

Reporting Issues

If you experience or witness any issues, we encourage you to report them promptly. You can approach any Red Shirt GriffCon Volunteer for assistance. Additionally, you can report issues at the following locations:
  • Front Desk
  • GriffCon Merch Stand
  • Griffin Gaming Harlow Shop
Our team is here to help and will take all reports seriously. We are committed to addressing any concerns promptly and effectively.
Thank you for your cooperation and for contributing to a safe and enjoyable GriffCon experience for everyone. Enjoy the convention!