About us

GriffCon is a Convention that brings together the Online Miniature Painting and Table Top Gaming Community from all over the country to meet up in person, paint and game together and meet invited online personalities in a safe and organised environment.

The first GriffCon was in 2022 and organised by Brendan of Griffin Gaming Harlow, with the help of GusTheHut, SimonSaysMakePaintPlay and Turnstrike. Along with the support of Brendans’ awesome better half Clare (aka Control Room) as well as Paige, the greatest employee ever!

With the support and help of the Latton Bush Center where his store is located, he hired out the function hall, moved his entire shop into a corner of it for the weekend, set up a stage, invited other traders, set out tables to game at and chill out at as well as organised for some well-known names within the TTRPG painting community to be there. We had StudioJ7 and GreenEyesKreations, Esmerelde, ACMiniatures, Squidzilla Inc, MidwinterMinis, Duncan Rhodes, Nelinde, GusTheHut, CrystalMcDoll, Ceri from the Hobby Room as well as many others who joined us. It was a weekend of putting faces to names we have only seen on a screen, meeting friends we had made without ever meeting in person before.

It’s the perfect place to meet the people who have inspired you in your hobby in a welcoming and safe environment.

  • Discord

    Join the Griffin Gaming Discord Server where we have a GriffCon section that you can connect with others coming to GriffCon. Stay updated on what is happening and use the forum section to arrange games to help you plan your day out.

  • Location

    GriffCon is held at the Latton Bush Centre, Southern Way, Harlow, Essex, CM18 7BL

  • FAQs

    We have put to together a list of most frequently asked questions and it can be found by clicking here!