Painting Competition



Up to 54mm foot to eye 50mm base e.g. Space marine terminator, Seraphon Skink, Mounted Knight.
3 or more models in a single cohesive unit / theme e.g. a Kill Team, a unit of Chaos Marauders, a Dungeons & Dragons adventuring party.
Any single miniature not in small e.g. a giant, a tank or a Dragon.
Anything that doesn’t fit in other categories e.g. Busts, Dioramas, Duels and some vehicles. 
This category will be the only category open to non judging special guests.


1. Eligibility: The competition is open to all miniature painters, regardless of experience level, there is no restriction on model manufacturer.
2. Entry Requirements: Each participant may submit a maximum of one entry per category. The miniatures must be painted by the participant.
3. Size Requirements: as per category listings.
4. Submission Process: Entries must submitted with a completed entry form by 11am on the Saturday at Griffcon. Entry form will be available on this website 2 weeks before the event or you can get one on the day.
5. Judging Criteria: The miniatures will be judged based on technical skill, creativity and originality. Judges may also consider the overall presentation, including the use of bases and any additional props or scenery. 
6. Prizes: To be Confirmed . 
7. Judging Process: The judges will be experienced miniature painters and hobbyists who will evaluate the entries based on the established criteria. Judges may consult with each other to determine the winners. 
8. Notification of Winners: The winners will be notified during the award ceremony on Saturday 27th July 2024.
9. Display of Entries: The entries may be displayed on the Griffcon website or social media pages, with the participant's name and any relevant information (such as the miniature's name or backstory). When you submit an entry participants give permission for their entries to be displayed in this manner.
10. Nothing Offensive: we reserve the right to refuse entry.