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Platinum & VIP Loot Bags

Platinum & VIP Loot Bags

During the first year of GriffCon we introduced VIP tickets and each person received a VIP Loot bag, this bag offered some merch, paints, tools and other accessories for the hobby, it has been a success every year.

This year we have introduced our Platinum Ticket which comes with what we are calling a Mega Loot Bag, the contents of which will remain secret until the first Platinum Ticket holder redeems their loot.

Now we have been hard at work, to bring a great value for money to the Mega Loot Bag, its now become apparent that we will no longer be able to fit the contents into a bag and will might have to rename the Mega Loot Bag to Mega Loot Box!

Not only has the Mega Loot Bag been so successful but we have also secure additional items for the VIP Loot bags bringing even more value to our loyal ticket holders.

So lets have a look at who has contributed to our Loot Bags.

Griffin Gaming - VIP and Mega Loot Bags

Ravens Roost Hobbies - VIP and Mega Loot Bags

WarMag - VIP and Mega Loot Bags 

Element Games - VIP and Mega Loot Bags

Warlord Games - Mega Loot Bag

Sheppey Models - Mega Loot Bag

Alchemist Models - Mega Loot Bag

Retroformers - Mega Loot Bag

And more to still be added.

As you can see the list is extensive, I'm so excited about these new loot bags and I cannot wait to see our ticket holders open them. VIP Tickets will no longer be available to purchase from Friday 5th July 2024. At time of writing this there is still 1 Platinum Ticket available.

We thank you for reading and can't wait to see you at GriffCon, please consider sharing this post.

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