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Introducing the GriffCon Prizewall

Introducing the GriffCon Prizewall

What is the GriffCon Prizewall?

It’s an area where you can view prizes that are available for you to exchange GriffCon Prizewall tickets for items. Each prize has a ticket value and you get to choose which prize you get it you have the required amount of tickets. So the more you take part in events at GriffCon the more tickets you will earn and therefore the more prizes you can claim.

Are these prizes exclusive to GriffCon?

GriffCon 2024 is the first year we are hosting the GriffCon Prizewall, some of the available prizes are only available at GriffCon but some are already available from Griffin Gaming. The GriffCon Prizewall will change some of the items every year giving you a refresh of the prizes that you can claim.

How do I earn GriffCon Prizewall tickets?

Simple… get involved. Everything you take part in at GriffCon will earn you tickets for the GriffCon Prizewall, playing a game with a friend in the open play area, taking part in a speed painting event, creating kit bashed minis, joining an event game from our pre-arranged events, attending a guest panel, watching the Art In Miniature Screening, experiencing a demo game or being part of a painting class.

What kind of prizes will there be for the GriffCon Prizewall?

The exact list of prizes will be available on the day as more are being added between now and GriffCon, but we have dice, badges, stickers, minis, t-shirts gaming mats and more, already set aside for the GriffCon Prizewall.

Do the tickets expire and can players combine their tickets?

Tickets awarded at GriffCon 2024 will only be redeemable at GriffCon 2024. They will expire when the GriffCon Prizewall closes on Saturday 27th July at 5pm. Yes, you will be allowed to combine or pool your tickets if you wish to.

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