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Platinum Pass

Platinum Pass

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The GriffCon Platinum Entry pass is your ultimate ticket to an immersive experience in the world of tabletop gaming, painting, competitions, and exclusive events. With this pass, you gain access to a myriad of exciting features and benefits designed to enhance your convention experience:

  1. Tabletop Gaming Room Access: Enjoy unrestricted entry to the dedicated tabletop gaming area, where you can indulge in various gaming sessions, tournaments, and demos.

  2. Panels and Workshops: Gain entry to insightful panels covering diverse topics related to painting techniques, tabletop gaming strategies, and industry insights. Attend workshops led by experts to hone your skills.

  3. Painting Competitions and Tournaments: Showcase your artistic talent and compete in thrilling painting competitions. Participate in tabletop gaming tournaments and challenge fellow enthusiasts.

  4. Mega Loot Bag: Receive an exclusive mega loot bag filled with goodies, merchandise, and valuable items curated specifically for Platinum pass holders.

  5. Priority Entry and Reserved Seating: Enjoy priority entry to events and panels. Benefit from reserved seating at panels, ensuring you have an optimal view and comfortable experience throughout.

  6. Early Booking for Painting Classes: Secure your spot in popular painting classes by gaining early access for booking before general attendees.

  7. Platinum Get-Together Party: Gain access to an exclusive gathering reserved for Platinum pass holders. Network, socialize, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts in a more intimate setting.

The GriffCon Platinum Entry pass is crafted to offer unparalleled access, privileges, and opportunities, ensuring you make the most out of your convention experience. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of tabletop gaming, artistry, and community at GriffCon.

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