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Weekend Pass

Weekend Pass

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The GriffCon Weekend Entry pass offers an immersive experience into the realm of tabletop gaming, artistic expression, and competitive spirit. This pass is your key to a thrilling weekend filled with diverse activities and engaging events.

With the GriffCon Weekend Entry pass, you gain access to:

  1. Tabletop Gaming Room: Immerse yourself in a world of strategy, fantasy, and adventure. Access a variety of tabletop games, from classic board games to intricate role-playing adventures. Engage in thrilling sessions with fellow enthusiasts and explore new gaming experiences.

  2. Panels: Delve into insightful discussions and interactive sessions covering a wide array of topics related to painting and tabletop gaming. Learn from experts, share experiences, and discover new techniques to enhance your skills and appreciation for these hobbies.

  3. Painting Competitions: Showcase your artistic talents and creativity in painting competitions. Participate in friendly contests where your skills will be recognized and celebrated within a community of fellow art enthusiasts.

  4. Tournaments: Compete in thrilling tabletop gaming tournaments, putting your strategic prowess to the test. Engage in competitive matches, challenge other participants, and vie for victory in a variety of gaming formats.

The GriffCon Weekend Entry pass grants you access to a vibrant community of gamers, artists, and enthusiasts. It's your passport to an exciting weekend filled with entertainment, learning opportunities, and the chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for tabletop gaming and artistic expression.

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